Benefits of Eating Corn

Enjoy the health benefits of eating corn each time you bite a corn kernel off its cob. If anyone tells you there are no health benefits from eating corn, bust them with the nutritional contents you’ll read in this article.



The health benefits of eating corn are far beyond its dietary fibers. Corn is packed with Vitamin B1, B5, C, folate, phosphorus and manganese. A 7″ ear (half a cup) contains about 75 calories, 2 grams of protein and 15 grams of carbohydrates. It contains 0 cholesterol, low amounts of saturated fats, magnesium, zinc, copper, sugar and iron. The health benefits of eating corn also include phytonutrient and antioxidant contents that vary in extent depending on the color of the corn.




The health benefits of corn may be summed up towards our digestive health, cardiovascular health, strengthened immune system, eye health as well as an energy booster.


Digestive health benefits of corn
The digestive health from its fibers is one of the health benefits of eating corn. These indigestible carbohydrates are needed by the body to help move our wastes. Beware not to eat too much of it though, as fiber may cause constipation as it may help relieve it.

Cardiovascular health benefits of corn
The health benefits of eating corn brought by folate are remarkable, as well. This vitamin helps pregnant women in development of their baby’s brain during the early stages of pregnancy. Folate also helps protect our heart against diseases like stroke and heart attacks.

Immunity defense
The health benefits of eating corn also include stronger defense again radical cells. These are attributed to its antioxidant and Vitamin C contents.
Health concern: Does its sugar content affect the health benefits of corn?
Half a cup of corn contains about 3 grams of sugar. This low glycemic index (42) however is prevents sugar spikes in our blood sugar. In fact, eating corn has blood sugar benefit to the bodies. This is due to its fiber and protein contents working together to regulate our body’s sugar level.

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